Alena Kennedy
Visual Artist

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2007 - 2008

This group of paintings, made mostly with acrylic paint on canvas is a multi-faceted work. Essentially it describes the movement of colour, light and shadow through the natural world in ephemeral and ever-changing patterns. It could represent the layers of underwater events and surface water reflections that play in moving water. Or it could be the patterns of light filtering through forest leaves and touching surfaces of lichen coated sandstone rock.

I allow my fascination for fractals and patterns in nature to play in the interaction of watered-down paint on canvas, or through the impasto effects of paints scraped across each other. Through these interactions scenes come to view which could represent minerals, landscapes or cosmic happenings.

The concepts of positive and negative space interest me. Windows, each with distinct characteristics are created as views to ‘other-worlds’. Yet the negative spaces around them hold mystery. Beneath the cloaked surfaces the connections remain intrinsic and primal, shaped and held by the forces that have created them.