Alena Kennedy
Visual Artist

insight exhibition e-catalogue
symphony exhibition e-catalogue


My friend Libby Bloxham and I believe that art can convey to viewers the artist’s innermost inspirations. Art can uplift, challenge or change our ideas and attitudes. It can help us to feel connected with others who have similar realisations or experiences. It can help us to feel joy, wonder and empathy for the artist or for the subject of the artist’s work.
Libby and I decided to provide a platform for artists to share their spiritual experiences and to honour the diverse ways that this might be expressed. With the help of some of our artist friends we created Insight Art Project, a concept that would provide a framework for events expressing this intention.
The goals of Insight Art Project are:

To date we have held two events. insight: an exploration of the spiritual in art was held in 2016 at Hillside Gallery, Dombarton, NSW. Symphony: celebrating spiritual diversity in art and culture was held the following year at Project Contemporary Artspace Gallery in Wollongong City. Both events were recorded as E-catalogues (click on PDF files this page). With the addition of another artist/writer and friend, Moira Kirkwood, our little team is now planning the third event in the series.